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Welcome to A.S.M.A.A The UK's true All Styles Martial Arts Association

 Welcome to our website, we hope you find everything you need throughout the site. 



1.      We have a NEW mobile number for ASMAA as l have cancelled my O2 contract, the NEW number is

07849 678488

Please do not use the old number you won’t get through


2.      The Seminar booked for this coming SUNDAY … 22nd November at Studio Combat Academy has been cancelled.

There will be NO more seminars this year and next year 2016, there will be changes in both FORMAT and frequency next year …. Watch out for a preview flier for 2016 due out in DECEMBER.


Many thanks

Dave Turton 10th Dan







ASMAA (All Styles Martial Arts Association) is a true multi style martial arts association. Which ever style you practise, we can provide insurance for you and your members as well as policies and courses to help you further your personal and professional development.  

We a non-political, non interfering association. With half a century of experience, we have both the knowledge and professionalism to help you realise your Martial Arts ambitions.

ASMAA was founded in order to provide a home for all martial artists - regardless of the style or system. ASMAA can provide a channel for progression in your current style, or assist your transition into another style of martial arts.

You can be a member of any other organisation and still be an ASMAA member.

ASMAA is also affiliated to the prestigious WORLD MARTIAL ARTS COUNCIL (WMAC)


The benefits of joining ASMAA;

  • A genuine multi-style body, with most styles of martial art and personal combat represented, to name a few: Self -Defence (SDF), Kickboxing (Points-Full contact & Thai), Tae Kwon Do (ITF,WTF & Freestyle), Ju-Jitsu (Combat, Personal & Traditional styles), Weapons (Stick,Nunchaku,Kama etc) and Chinese styles.
  • Membership is available to Groups, Clubs and individuals.
  • Competitions: You can compete in competitions held by other clubs within the organisation and elsewhere. We have many World, International and National Champions as well as medalists in many styles.  
  • A proven and respected Association Head in Mr Dave Turton 10th Dan
  • Regular Seminars, courses and gradings
  • Instructors, clubs and Reps throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland.
  • Competitive insurance cover for all Members and Instructors.
  • Genuine self-defence & self-protection tuition through the ASMAA Self-Defence section which includes the Self-Defence Federation (SDF), the SDF Instructors Diplomas, our Self-Defence Martial Arts (Goshin Jutsu), plus corporate and educational training.
  • Recognised Coaching Awards.
  • DBS applications handled. 
  • First Aid courses
  • Ratification of grades
  • Individual, Club and Group Tuition available in all styles 

  You will not need any other organisation for your martial arts needs.


 You can join ASMAA in three ways:

You can join as an individual member by using the form that opens on the 'Click Here' below.

You can join through your club head/secretary if the club is already a registered ASMAA club. In these cases most clubs have their own annual membership registration fees, which includes membership to ASMAA.

If your are Head or Secretary of a club or clubs looking to become part of the UK's foremost multi-styles organisation by contacting us and asking for our information pack



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