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Welcome to A.S.M.A.A The UK's leading true ALL STYLES Martial Arts Association


Welcome to the All Styles Martial Arts Association website ASMAA is the multi style martial arts association to help you to further your personal and professional development. For further details of the many martial arts systems and styles incorporated into ASMAA, please choose from the style name in the following list. (The styles are listed in alphabetical order, not in order of preference, or popularity).

Chinese Martial Arts, Competition Styles, Grappling Styles, Japanese / Okinawan Styles, Korean Styles, Miscellaneous Styles, MMA, Modern / Eclectic Styles, Personal Styles, Self-Defence / Self-Protection, Weapons Styles.

As a non-political association, we warmly welcome you and your students to our home. With half a century of experience, we have both the knowledge and professionalism to help you realise your Martial Arts aims and ambitions.

If you are serious about the art that you practice, then feel free to learn more!


 please also note, several of our pages are still under construction but will be completed as soon as is viable...  

Thank You